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See my Africa aims to tell Africa’s numerous stories…
Our goal is to re-write stereotypes, dispel myths about Africa and tell the positive stories that unveil the beauty of the world’s most culturally rich and diverse continent.
We strive to tell the complete Story…
Africa is not rich or poor, educated or illiterate, progressive or archaic. What Africa is, depends on which part of it you are referring to. No single story can adequately reflect that, but a multiplicity of stories can and should broaden our received perception about the continent.
With more platforms and opportunities than ever before, there has never been a better time to challenge that confusing and costly concept of a single African story.
Let’s face it – Africa has an image problem.
Over the years the continent has gained a reputation for lack, violence, insecurity, bad governance famine and poverty. This is not helped by the world media outlets, which don’t often represent Africa in the best lights.

Africa has been plagued by a number of these single stories; negative stereotypes, each with its own harmful effects. The system of storytelling on Africa is too often incomplete, stereotyped – and specious.
Like any great novel or movie, a good story is best told from the perspective of the storyteller.
Africans need to start telling their own stories, stories that tell the beautiful side of the continent, Stories about development, Stories about Africa’s innovations, Africa’s achievements, her great personalities, our indigenous corporations, Stories about our political space that is not built on corruption and bad governance.
Its time to celebrate our stories. It’s time to See My Africa…

What we do


We bring to light the beauty of Africa, her potentials, her personalities, her indigenous corporations, her resources, her economic strength, her growing market, and her tourism sites. We are on a mission to tell Africa to the world and to herself...


Because we come from a feature film background, we always start with a story. We collaborate with governments, agencies and corporate bodies to craft innovative ideas to tell the right stories for video, social, web and print content.


With our team of polished scriptwriters, recognised bloggers and compelling storytellers, we overcome the blank page and make concept come to life.


Our directors custom-build a visual & technical approach in order to realise a client’s vision. We direct everything from branded commercial content to doc-style narratives


Our editors are master storytellers, working closely with our directors bringing graphics to live.

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